Cyber Online Sales Increase In 2010

Online Sales Help Small and Medium Sized Businesses Succeed One of the continuing trends this holiday season has been the increasing popularity of online retail. According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics; whereas in 1998 online sales (in millions of dollars) made up $4,988 of the total $2,587,105 (0.19%), by 2007, online sales were accounting for $126,697 […]

Bernanke Digs In To Defend US Stimulus Policy

Developments In The Conflict Over Currency Revaluation The latest in the growing international trade deficit conflict between the US and emerging markets could have a large impact on US exports, therefore all American businesses that produce goods could see overseas demand grow. This would also have particular effects on major US shipping hubs like the […]

Virginia to Privatize Liquor Sales

Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell (R) released his proposal to privatize Virginia’s 76 year monopoly on liquor sales. The effort is ostensibly meant to live up to his promise to fund transportation in the state without raising taxes. Now the major challenge is to convince Virginia residents and legislators that his new plan is not […]